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      公司技术力量雄厚,设备先进,生产设备齐全,检测手段完善,拥有八轴机床、数控机床等多种机械加工设备。拥有各种检测设备对产品的检验和测试手段,DC - 3000仪、拉伸试验机、wcpz 3015试验爆破压力测试仪、投影仪、气密试验板,合资25振动试验台,进行250 d和中等寿命测试仪等多种类型的测试设备,测试仪器和测量工具。
         基于产品的高质量和树立求真务实的工作作风的公司,秉承“开拓、进取、奉献、务实”的企业精神;坚持“密密封产品,服务至上,持续改进,满足客户”的质量方针和“始于客户的需求,终于客户满意”的经营理念,积极实施tsgz0004-2007特种设备制造,安装,质量保证体系基本要求》的修改和维护,特种设备制造许可证(许可证tsf210024-2012)和GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO9001:2000质量管理体系认证。
          Company main products have all kinds of industrial high pressure cylinder valve, cut-off valve, pipeline pressure reducer; Fire air breathing valve, pressure regulator, alarm whistle, high pressure hose; Low-temperature adiabatic bottle with a cut-off valve, pressure regulator, relief valve; Gas automatically switch box, centralized gas supply device, high precision mixed instruments, tempering prevention device, gas terminal box, automatic ignition, flame cutting torch, gas cylinders (seamless and welded, acetylene, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas) detection equipment and other products. Products sold throughout the country, and exported to southeast Asia and other places, enjoys a high reputation, deeply user's trust and praise. Accession to the WTO and further reform in our country under the situation of development, our company will also further increase technology investment, expand production scale, and improve the quality and level of service.


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